Does Grace Work?

graceMy name is Paul Noble and I am the author of this blog. As an engineer by background and presently a driver trainer , business owner, and composer,  I’m not really someone who is interested in knowledge for its own sake. I want to know how to apply that knowledge. Does what I know really work in practice?

So, does the message of grace – or the Gospel – really work in practice? Does it work in the lives of ordinary people?

So Does Grace Really work?

graceHaving believed this good news (Gospel)  of the grace of God for over 40 years, I really believe it does. In fact, over the last ten years – through the ministry of pioneers like Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince – my life has been transformed at a faster rate by the doctrine of grace than by anything else. Of course, it’s also got me in a lot of trouble with legalistic church people!

Therefore, I hope this blog blesses you and you can take what I have learnt over many years and put the grace of God to work powerfully in your life. Be blessed!

Your questions ?????????

law or graceIf you have questions or want to dialogue, please feel free contact me via the contact page or on Facebook

Most of what I’ve discovered has happened as a result of asking questions and not getting answers and then being forced to go to scripture and find the answers from there by the Holy Spirit. Living in the grace of God means you can be wrong, so if you think something I’ve said is not right then challenge me (nicely)! – we are all on a journey of discovery!

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