The Art Of Thinking Brilliantly – Graham Cooke

manifesting your spiritI’m onto volume 2 of the “Way Of The Warrior” by Graham Cooke and think this is so brilliant  – I have to add a few paragraphs on my blog!

Page 122: “We become what we behold, about God and ourselves. This is true, of course, whether positive or negative. To be renewed in the spirit of our mind is to always to engage with the positive. God has not asked us to deal with the negative aspects of our lives. He has already dealt with them in Christ. We are dead to sin. He has crucified us with Christ. Our old nature is dead and buried. It is no longer our concern. We are in Christ in order to learn to become Christlike. Our whole engagement  of life is to be created in the image of God. It is the ultimate reinvention”

Page 123: ” Conversion of our thinking, to God’s thinking is the crucial element in all transformations. The Father has dealt with sin once and for all in Christ. Now he is dealing with life in all its beauty, grace and power.”

Page 126: “Our goal is to become the righteousness of God in Christ. We are focused on holiness, not sin. We are engrossed with the new nature of Christ, not the old nature that is dead. So, if a man has a problem with lust, he does not deal with it as a negative. He does not engage with it, receive counsel for it, learn to overcome it. He has lust because He is missing something about himself. He has not understood or experienced his purity in Jesus. He has not fully engaged with righteousness.”

“He does not deal with lust, he engages with purity. He renounces the old behaviour and submits to the power of the new nature with the amazing help  the Holy Spirit. We confess the old nature is dead.  In prayer we are cut off from the old behaviour, and we begin to soak in the holiness of God. As we engage with a new mindset, our behaviour becomes fully new; and we develop the joyful habit of purity. Our mindset becomes new. Actions follow thoughts. New mindset, new behaviour – the essence of transformation”

“All the time we are engaging with what we are not, our mind has no possibility for transformation”

Page 128: ” Repentance is thinking again, having a better thought. It is key part of transformation – renewing our thinking. All thinking must be rooted in God’s goodness and kindness”

Manifesting your spirit – Graham Cooke

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