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Prophetic Music

prophetic musicHere are a couple of pieces of prophetic music:  live improvisations recorded live for Piano.

They are a bit different from my current stuff and maybe influenced by the  French composer Debussy.

Enjoy and I would be interested in your feedback as to what you think the Holy Spirit might be saying to you through them.


Track 1.

Track 2.

Track 3.

Track 4.

Track 5.

Track 6.

Track 7.

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Treating God as real!

writingProphecy – treat me as real!


If you want me to be real to you, then treat me as real. Don’t pretend but by faith speak to me, listen to me, imagine my presence next to you, everywhere you go. Develop and train yourself to be conscious of me every waking moment and watch the miracles happen. I really am you friend and mentor. I never get tired of your questions; I am never too tired or annoyed not to listen and advise. Even when you mess up pretty bad, and there has been a few times lately, do I fold my arms or cover my ears. I know you. I know all your secrets. Isn’t that a relief? I’m here to help.

Your best friend

Struggling to hear God?

Do you struggle hearing God? Do you envy those who seem to know what God is saying to them – or others – at a drop of a hat!

Well, I’m a driving instructor and sometimes I get pupils who just find it really difficult to remember every thing they need to do – and handle a car at the same time! They just panic! To help them, I get them to use a technique called ‘commentary driving’.

This works by describing out loud what they see and what they are going to do next. By verbalising it, it seems to help them concentrate and be more aware –  and certainly stops them panicking!

How does this apply to hearing God? I find that there are two ways you can develop listening to papa. One way – try this first – is just to speak out loud to yourself what you believe God is saying. If you don’t want to be embarrassed make sure no one can overhear you! Begin by asking God a question and then by faith expect God to speak to your spirit (in your mind) and out loud speak what you think God is saying. Treat papa as real. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or talking rubbish because as you speak you will instantly evaluate whether what you spoke was God or not. You are learning to listen.

Similar to this, write down what God is saying. If you persist, sometimes you will be blown away with the accuracy and immediacy of what the Lord has spoken.

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Revival song (Day of God’s favour )

Day of God’s favour

revivalIn 1994 Charles SlagIe prophesied over me that I would write music that would break the chains of oppression.

In 1996  I wrote this ‘revival’ song but 22 years later (2016) I re-wrote and recorded it feeling that its time was NOW!

Many of have us have been wounded on this journey of grace and the Father’s heart  but I do believe that we are on the cusp of revival here in the UK!

Let this song heal your heart and release joy to your soul! I’ve included Music and Lyrics so you can sing it in your church as a prophetic statement!

High quality version (sound cloud)

Paul Noble copyright 1996 

This is a day, of God’s favour, time of release

When the captives are set free, from their chains

A year of great fruitfulness, time to rejoice

The fields are white to harvest, in our land

A time of revival, is at hand.

Verse 2 

This is a day of God’s favour, time to believe

Warriors of His grace, take a stand

The years of famine are over, time to make war

The fields are white to harvest in our land

A time of revival is at hand


It is a time of healing, a time of war, A time to get right with our God

It is a time to be humble, a time to leap forth

A time to watch and pray to the Lord

A time to watch and pray to the Lord


Arise and shine, time to be free!

God’s singing over you, songs of jubilee

Songs of deliverance, songs of His love

Days of famine are over now!


Time to rejoice

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

Again I say rejoice

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

Shine your light has come!

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A season of change – prophecy



I believe we are in season of change but you have to believe it, rather than all the so called prophets of doom an gloom.

God doesn’t do anything without telling his prophets and I tell you that huge doors of opportunity are opening up – a chance to bless. The refugees that are flooding Europe are a great opportunity for blessing and there will be more crisis like these.

The lion is stirring

An awakening in our nation is stirring, the lion is stirring, the devil is not in charge – well not yet! The church is still God’s weapon of restraint through the Holy Spirit and the Spirit and the bride say come. Make sure your on the right side, that you are not hanging about on this side of Jordan because there are some challenges that come along with the opportunities that will come your way this month. If you stay still and say: “I will wait and see” – in a sort of bunker mentality – you’ll get caught out!

He wants to bless you

God doesn’t want to expose sin but if you refuse to budge you’ll be in the line of fire – so get serious with the Lord and listen to his voice because he wants to bless you not curse. It’s important to get rid of every weight and sin – like the men on the ship with Jonah they threw their cargo overboard but ultimately Jonah had to go as well!

The Lord wants us to go overboard; take a risk of faith and if you sink into the depths God has provided a great fish to get to your destiny! Of course though, some of us could avoid all this turmoil – like Jonah – if you simply just obeyed the Lord and went where He told you! Stop kicking against the goads; you can’t fight the Lord – as Jacob found out – He always wins!

Prophecy 8 September

Lift up your eyes and see the king! His love overflows to the downtrodden, the disposed, the abused and he’s stirring his people to go out on the streets and feed the hungry – to worship to pray, to love one another. A revival is coming but not an external one; an internal one a grace revolution a counter-revolution. Where sin abounds grace even much more hyper-abounds. God’s says GO. Go for it. Don’t hold back, don’t let years of disappointment and confusion hold you back. Don’t let bitterness cloud you judgement – repent, change your mind – get back into line because as you pray he will restore you so that not even the smell of smoke will be on your clothes. Arise church and shine. Your light has come!

Similar prophetic word see below:


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Prophecy – hope in God

hope in God

Psalm 16:9 “Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.”

Romans 8:25 “But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.”

Hope in God


It’s good to learn patience. Those that wait with expectation, faith and hope – receive! Hope is keeping your eye on the ball, your heart steady. Faith is what causes you to move, to launch like a rocket. Hope on the other hand, is what moves you to stand still, to stay steady fixed on course, unwavering, fixed on the goal of the moon or any other target.

These two forces therefore, are not in opposition, they complement one another; they are like two sides for the same coin. Faith without hope ends in frustration as the rocket veers off course. Hope without faith ends up in presumption; the rocket stays on the launch pad.

Both faith and hope come from reading and absorbing my word. Faith in action is very powerful but faith without works is dead, lifeless, inert. Three things remain: faith, hope and love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)  

Add love to the mixture of faith and hope, and you have an explosive formulae – dynamite, because faith works by love.



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Unblocking the wells of revival

unblockingYesterday, I spent some time unblocking my bath drain.  At first, I tried force: using a plunger to try and shift the blockage. Unfortunately that only made matters worse and instead of only a trickle of water draining away – it became completely blocked!

Looking online, I decided to try soda crystals and vinegar but when that didn’t work, I took a trip to Tesco and bought some purpose drain un-blocker containing some pretty potent and dangerous chemicals  – and poured that down plug hole. The results weren’t instantaneous but after repeating with some more soda crystals and boiling water to boot, eventually the bath unblocked and the water flowed freely again!

Why am I telling you this? I believe this is a pretty potent picture of what the Lord is doing in our lives and churches at the moment (if we would let him). In Genesis 26 the Philistines kept bunging up the wells that Isaac dug with rubbish in order to stop and contaminate the water supply. Isaac kept re-digging the wells his Father Abraham and third time lucky (just like my bath), unplugged one called Rehoboth – which means a wide place.

Similarly as the people of God, we are bombarded by the  negative ideas and  culture  from the world around us – even church culture that is quite honestly just “stinking thinking”! Often, we imbibe this rubbish through the media and internet and wonder why the Holy Spirit isn’t flowing in our lives!

I believe, the Lord is saying: “ I want to unblock the wells of revival – both individually and corporately in the churches”. This will take some pretty potent ‘medicine’ but it will work – a spiritual detox!


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A better place! (prophecy)

Prophecy – A Better Place

better placeSon/daughter

It’s time for new things. Let go of the old. Bring in the new. Transition doesn’t have to be hard when you trust your destination is better! Jesus endured the cross because of the joy set before him.

Trust me, the place you are moving to is a better place. In fact, all my blessings are better; a better covenant, better promises.

I want you to know me, not as a God who supplies just enough but the God of more than enough. I love to over supply – remember the feeding of thousand, remember a certain wedding at Cana of Galilee. I AM hyper, super, abundant in everything I choose to do. When you are my choice then boy – you are blessed!
Love Father.

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