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The Driving Test and The Law

driving test certificateThe Driving Test and The Law  © Paul Noble 2014

If you want to learn to drive do you go to a driving examiner or a driving instructor? Likewise, if you want to be holy do you go to the Law of Moses for help, or the Holy Spirit?

Now, there is nothing wrong with what the driving examiners do and the standards they uphold (although they could be a little bit friendlier sometimes!) However, their job is not to help you, only to see if you meet the required standard.

If you fail the test and you manage to recover yourself after this serious emotional kick in the teeth, then you receive a list of your major, serious and minor faults. Maybe you didn’t look in your mirrors or you forgot to look properly at a junction. Now you know some of the deficiencies in your driving – that is all!

Sin is missing the mark. How do we miss that mark? We fall short of the glory or goodness of God. To have relationship with God you have to be as good as he is! The Law is a shadow, it’s an outline – not the real thing. Likewise, the shadow of a car is not the real thing and you can’t drive it.  Jesus is the real thing. Jesus is the perfect representation of the nature of God. He is not an outline or shadow. No, he is the image of the invisible God!

Imagine though, you never had a driving lesson and all you had to help was the test form. Would it be possible to drive just looking and learning from that list? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous! Imagine working out how to control the clutch or deal with traffic just looking at the list of faults – impossible! No, what you need is an instructor or a coach who knows HOW to drive – an expert, an example. As believers, that’s exactly what we have – the most patient, gracious, enthusiastic coach – the expert and wonderful Holy Spirit.

Therefore, the law says you mustn’t steal; you mustn’t lie. That standard hasn’t been replaced – only surpassed! Yes you could, like the rich young ruler that Jesus met, outwardly keep every law from your youth up. However, when Jesus tested him and said: “sell all you have”, Jesus got straight to the spirit of the law, the perfect goodness of God – which says GIVE to others unconditionally. There is no law for this! So you can see, the law isn’t relevant for someone operating at this level of holiness – this is life in the spirit. Love is the fulfilment of the law. The law is now written on your heart. However, this isn’t the Law of Moses, this is the very nature and goodness of God: Christ in you the hope of glory – the Royal Law, the Law of Christ.

Indeed, your coach, the Holy Spirit, isn’t sitting there pointing out your every fault. He’s not perpetually angry, impatient and annoyed with you. He’s not about to get out of the car and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere because you accidently scraped that parked car! However, that is what many Christians think in reality; they believe the Holy Spirit is really that easily grieved and temperamental and unable to deal with us. Grace abounds where sin abounds – but yet the Holy Spirit doesn’t?!

Ok, yes he will lovingly point out an occasional fault, and he will certainly intervene if the fault is so serious we are getting others and ourselves into danger. However, he’s mainly interested in YOU keeping your eyes on the road (Jesus). In fact, as a driving instructor myself, its actually quite annoying and distracting (I’m not perfect), when a pupil keeps saying sorry every five minutes for every fault they commit. My solution for these perfectionist types, is to ban the worst offenders from saying the word sorry at all. I mean, what have they got to apologise for? I’m not expecting them to get everything perfect – they are learning for goodness sake!
Likewise, does the Holy Spirit get a bit fed up with some believers confessing their sins all the time? –  I’m just saying!

If, on the other hand,  a pupil deliberately tries to knock a cyclist off their bike, then that’s a different matter.  I will stop the car, take the keys off them and make sure they know what I think. I am upset and grieved!

The good news is, the Holy Spirit is not expecting you to get everything right first time. All he wants you to do is follow his instructions and answer his questions. Is he going to do everything for you? No, he wants YOU to drive, you’re in the driving seat, but, like driving, spiritual life cannot be microwaved, it comes through knowledge, practice and experience.

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Manifesting Money

Struggling with money issues? Watch this video and allow the Holy Spirit to challenge and stretch your faith. If Jesus could tell Peter where to find a coin in a fish to pay his taxes, then why not – is anything too difficult for the Lord?

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The Guitar – A Testimony by Carol Winkler

guitarFor those of you who may not know…God is able to do so much more than you think he can do. I have a little story that may encourage you, if you are needing help from God. This one isn’t about healing, although i have received healing from the Lord. This is one about something small, but it is still miraculous.

One time i was asked to sing at a church, and i had to borrow a guitar from a person who attended that church. I didn’t even know the man. He was very gracious, but i really wanted to have my own, and not have to ask others to use theirs.

I had just listened to a preacher, on the radio, say to ask God, specifically, for what we want. I thought about that, and it didn’t go along with what i believed at the time. I thought it was selfish to ask God for anything really good, when it came to material things. As i was sitting there, thinking about what the preacher said, i remembered Mark 11:24. I decided to ask the Lord for what i wanted, and needed, according to that scripture. I said, something like this, “Lord, you know i need a guitar. I don’t want to be greedy, but i am going to ask for something big…that way i can use it as a testimony about how you hear our prayers, and how you care about every little thing in our lives. Here goes Lord…i would like to have a 12 string Alvarez Guitar, in a hard shell case. ( I decided to ask for what i would really like to have, which was one of the nicer guitars at that time.) Then i went on to thank him, ahead of time, and i told him i received it, according to Mark 11:24.

For the next few days, when i would think about the seemingly impossible request, i would just say Mark 11:24 to remind myself of God’s promises.

It was only a short time, before i was invited to sing again. I went to the church, and had to borrow a guitar again, but i had peace, trusting God had heard my prayer. After church, a woman who was a visitor at that church…she had never been there, (she lived many miles away from this town, about an hour and a half trip,  and didn’t know anyone in the church.), came up to me, and said, “I was praying, and the Lord showed me a woman would be singing at this church tonight. He told me to come here, and give you something.” Immediately, i said, ” I know what it is!” She had me follow her out to her car. As she was opening the trunk, i told her what it was, before i saw it…that way she would know she had heard from God too. There it was! A new 12 string Alvarez Guitar, in a hard shell case! It was beautiful! I started crying, but it wasn’t because i got such a nice guitar…it was just so amazing to know that God Almighty, my Father, had heard my prayer. It is something…when you know he hears you, and when you know you hear him. What a wonderful Father!

This is a true story. The woman didn’t know anyone at that church…she didn’t know me. Isn’t God amazing!!!

If you are in need of anything, i pray this testimony will encourage you to go to the Lord, and believe you receive it at the time you ask.  Mark 11:24 Believe he hears you…believe, and receive! The Lord is waiting on you.

He cares about everything in our lives. I am so thankful!!! I have seen him come through, for me, many times for many things…healing, finances, relationships, unsaved loved ones, cars, houses, jobs, etc. I could go on, and on. I am not into the prosperity deal where it’s all about us getting rich, and concentrating on all the material things, but i do believe the Lord wants to prosper us, and he does not want his children living in poverty. I don’t think we should have our minds on wealth…we should have our minds on others needs more than our own. This doesn’t mean we can’t ask the Lord for help. Phillipians 4:19

I will never doubt the fact that the Guitar came from God, and that he heard my prayer.

I will always use this testimony to help others know that God hears us, and answers.

After i got the guitar…it wasn’t long before the Lord put it on my heart to give it to someone. What??? That’s right…that’s how God works. We are his hands extended. Not to worry…God blessed me back with an even better guitar after i gave that one away. It was a beautiful Martin Guitar! You guessed it…it was about two months, and the Lord had me give it to someone. Yep…i got an even better one given to me. This went on for years! Such fun!!!! Isn’t God good! I didn’t have to spend any money on a guitar after this. They just kept coming in, and going out! LOL! True! The fun part was getting to bless someone else with a nice guitar, who had been trusting the Lord for one. There were times i gave, that i didn’t even know for sure that person needed a guitar…but God knew!

Having the Lord sure has given me an exciting life! There is no such thing as boredom for a child of God. If a child of God ever gets bored, all he/she has to do is start focusing on the Lord again, because God has great plans for us, and they are always good, and they will always be exciting!

Do you have to give…to get? Well i had not given away a guitar before i got mine…so i would say no. But, always give when the Lord leads you to. It is so much fun, and you will never come out losing.

This story is for anyone going through anything…anyone needing anything from the Lord.

God is real. He loves us. He hears us. He answers us. Period.

(Mark 11:24…Therefore i say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. 🙂

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Proving God – Sandra Kennedy

After watching Sandra Kennedy on the Sid Roth’s “Its supernatural show”, I started reading her book “Proving God” which I highly recommend.

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Patrick – Apostle to Ireland

St PatrickIt is Easter night around 433 AD and a huge bonfire burns on the hill of Slane; its flickering flames and smoke rising into the night sky. Patrick, dressed in a simple tunic and holding a wooden staff, boldly scans the horizon for the confrontation he knows is coming. Around him, a few faithful and brave companions silently pray.

A few miles away in the palace at Tara, king Loegaire high king of all Ireland is about to celebrate the feast of Beltane by lighting the first fire in the land. In anger, he stares at the flames of Patrick’s fire he can clearly see on the horizon, “What is this?” he cries, “Who is it who has dared commit sacrilege in my kingdom? Let him be put to death.”

The king is not only angry, he is afraid. He recalls a druids prophetic ramblings warning of a new threat to his kingdom – the coming of a new religion. The druid Lochru warns the king: “ O king live for ever. This fire which we see and was lit this night before one was lit in your house, that is, in the palace of Tara, will never be put out, unless it is put out this night which it has been lit”.

Immediately the king takes soldiers, many chariots, and his two chief druid, and storms towards where Patrick stands beside his fire. He takes care however not to get too close, but commands Patrick to come forward to face his wrath. Boldly Patrick walks forward; his only weapon a prayer: “Some may go in chariots and some horses, but we will walk in the name of our God”

Lochru the chief druid insults Patrick loudly, calling down curses upon his head. Unperturbed, Patrick responds by lifting his staff and praying: “O Lord who can do all things, who sends me here, may this wicked man who blasphemes your name be carried out of here and dies straight away”. Immediately, the druid levitates into the air by some unseen power, and crashes down to the ground killed instantly as his skull shatters on a rock.

Angrily, the king orders his soldiers to seize Patrick and put him to death. Patrick though, calmly trusting in his God utters: “May God arise and his enemies be scattered”. At these words, a thick darkness descends and a tremendous earthquake shakes the ground. The horses flee in panic overturning and smashing the chariots. The queen, realizing the futility and danger of resisting Patrick, cries out pleading for the king’s life. Patrick agrees and the king sullenly pretends to acquiesce, inviting Patrick to preach at the palace celebration the following day.

Easter day and Patrick powerfully preaches on the resurrection of Christ. After he has finished the king invites Patrick to dine, and secretly a druid adds a drop of poison to Patrick’s drink. Patrick however, blesses the cup before drinking and the poisoned liquid miraculously turns to ice. Lifting the cup he turns it upside down and only the drop of poison falls out! In the hushed silence he then blesses the cup again, and the liquid returns too normal. The defeated king exclaims: “It is better for me to believe than die!”

Thus, Patrick exemplifies a Christianity that demonstrates the boldness and miracle power of the Holy Spirit as in the early church. Humbly though, he attributes this power and boldness to God rather than his own charisma. In the “Confession” – one of two documents written by Patrick himself – his humbleness is revealed as we discover a man aware of his sinfulness and lack of education. However, we also learn that he is a man of earnest prayer, frequent prophetic dreams and a deep relationship with God.

The Confession begins: “I am Patrick, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many”. He tells how he was born in a small village called Bannavern Tabernaiae, possibly on the Cumbrian coast in what was then Roman Britain, the son of a nobleman called Calpurnius. As a youth although his grandfather, Potitus, was a priest and his Father a church deacon, he had no desires after God.

Just before his sixteenth birthday however, the idyll of this rustic life was rudely interrupted: Irish sea-raiders attacked the coastline and enslaved over a thousand people – among them young Patrick. Arriving in Ireland – or Hibernia as it was known then – Patrick was sold as a slave in Co Mayo to a chieftain and druid called Milluic. Thus began a lonely existence as a Shepherd boy.

In this enforced solitude however, Patrick awakened to God: “ I prayed, the love of God and his fear came to me more and more, and my faith was strengthened. As my spirit was moved so that in a single day I would say as many as a hundred prayers, an almost as many in the night, and this even when I was stating in the woods and mountains; and I used to get up for prayer before daylight, through the snow, through frost, through rain, and I felt no harm, and there was no sloth in me, as now I see, because the spirit was fervent”

 One famous prayer attributed to Patrick is his “Lorica” or breastplate prayer, part of which follows:

Christ be with me, Christ within in me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort me and restore me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger

Six years and then his fervent prayers were dramatically answered: One night he heard a voice in a dream saying: “See your ship is ready.” Patrick, taking this as God speaking to him, escaped from his master and travelled nearly two hundred miles overland to the coast. There, he found a merchant ship but the ship’s captain refused him passage. Undismayed, Patrick retired to a hut on the beach where he had been staying and prayed. The captain relented and invited him onboard.

Three days later the ship arrived at an unspecified land for twenty-eight days the sailors, the sailors travelled across country. Finding neither man nor beast and desperate for food, the captain challenged Patrick: “Tell me, Christian: you who say that your God is great and all-powerful; why, then, do you not pray for us As you can see we are suffering from hunger; it is unlikely that we shall ever see a human being again”. Patrick prayed and at that very moment a herd of pigs un-expectantly appeared on the road and the sailors were able to kill and eat.

Eventually, it seems he did arrive back in Britain and his people were pleased to see him and begged him to remain. However, the missionary call of God was soon upon him and one night in a dream, he saw a man called Victorious coming from Ireland with many letters. He handed a letter to Patrick, which read: “The voice of the Irish, they who were beside the Wood of Voclut, which is near the Western sea and this did they cry out as with one mouth: “ We ask thee, boy, come and walk amongst us once more”.

Many years later, after possibly studying under Bishop Germanius in Gaul, Patrick was ready and the church ordained him to replace Bishop Palladius – sent by Pope Celestine on an unsuccessful mission to convert the Irish. So began St Patrick’s apostolic mission to the Irish.

Today, fifteen hundred years later, he is the patron saint of Ireland and celebrated by the Irish the world over on the 17th march. Over time, many fanciful legends and myths have multiplied around him. These however, do not really discredit of diminish the man: the fact that Patrick converted the whole of Ireland to Christianity without any bloodshed, speaks for itself!

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