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Inspired NOW available for download and streaming!

Inspired is available for download and streaming!

streamingI’m really excited to announce, that the full and expanded version of my very first Piano album of neo-classical music compositions are now available on all the major digital music download platforms like: Spotify, Amazon, iTunes etc.

Ten tracks of pure and original Piano tunes – a total of 48 minutes of music performed by yours truly!

Please help me!

So how can you help? Please, please listen to the music, buy and download and – above all enjoy it!

Please, like my Facebook page:
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Write a review

Please, write a great review on Amazon or iTunes; I would love to hear what the music makes you feel and think because certainly – I believe that the creator of the universe ‘Inspired’ me to write these tracks to inspire and encourage you!

How do you find me?

To find me, search with: ‘Inspired Paul Noble’  on all the digital download platforms. If your an Amazon Prime member then you can listen to me for FREE.

If your not sure you like my music? Well it is only for those with good taste – only joking! Below, are a couple of videos I’ve put together of a flavour of the music. More on the YouTube  channel.

Prelude in G:

Sonata in F Minor Spring

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CD ‘Inspired Piano’ now available!

CD InspiredDo you like Piano music inspired by the Holy Spirit? If you do, then this CD is for you!

My prayer and belief, is that as you listen to this album the Holy Spirit will lift your spirit and give you a little taste of heaven.

To purchase the CD Inspired

If you wish to purchase the CD then contact me either by the contact page or message me via my Facebook page: . The CD is priced at £10 + PP.

Track 2 from the Album : ‘By the Sea’

Alternatively, the album is available to purchase for download from


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Grace releases creativity!

I believe that understanding and receiving God’s grace releases creativity!

Just recently I was reading in Ephesians where it says this:

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

Then, I heard the Holy Spirit say: “Paul I want you to compose and record some Piano music. That would be a good work!” I had never thought of my desire and talent to compose music in that light before.

The result was my first solo piano album or original compositions called ‘Inspired’. I hope you like it! Below is track 2 from my album ‘Mountain Top’. All images from

My prayer and belief is that as you listen to this album the Holy Spirit will release creativity within you lifting your spirits and maybe giving you a little taste of heaven?

The album is available to purchase for download from (see below) and a CD version is available on request within the next couple of weeks. (Use the contact page)

If you like the music, I would really appreciate a review and please like me on my Facebook page Paul Noble Composer

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The true nature of God

This video series on the True Nature of God is so good I had to post. Really helps understand some of the things under the Law and God’s dealing with mankind before this. Great teaching by Andrew Wommack.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

More video

Andrew Wommack ministries

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Rend Collective- The art of celebration

At church on Sunday,  I experienced a fresh wave of God’s grace and his joy.  I heard God speak these prophetic words to me.  Prophecy The Art of Celebration

On the same day, that afternoon, I came across some amazing music from a group of Christian musicians called Rend Collective. They are from Northern Island and their music grabbed my heart with a vibrancy, joy and authenticity that I haven’t heard in worship music for a while. The message and sound behind their songs is exactly what I believe God wants to release to the church worldwide.

The art of celebration – Rend Collective their story.

Boldy I approach your throne. (The art of celebration)

Lyrics and chords


Lyrics and chords

Under your wings (Psalm 91)

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Bill Johnson – living a life of breakthrough

Some excellent teaching from Bill Johnson on living a life of breakthrough. His burden is to impart supernatural courage to the believer.

He starts by explaining how without miracles we are not fully preaching the Gospel (Romans 15:18)  and that the base level of spiritual warfare are miracles – they demolish every argument. He also explains how the mind gets re-calibrated through miracles.

What we fear is what we eventually worship. The children of Israel feared poverty and that is why they ended up worshipping Baal.

“Jesus was at peace in the storm so he could speak peace to the storm!”

Acts 14:2 “But the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles, and made their minds evil affected against the brethren. Long time therefore abode they speaking boldly in the Lord, which gave testimony unto the word of his grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands.”

The enemy poisons the mind to undermine the miraculous.

The main point of the sermon,  is the story of Jonathon and his armour bearer (1 Samuel 14)  taking on and winning against impossible odds with the worst military plan ever!

Training in favour

Impossible situations

Confidence (prophecy)


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The language of heaven – Graham Cooke

Some amazing teaching on the language of heaven and how to think brilliantly!  There are no problems in heaven only possibilities. Jesus has come to give us his mindset.

“We have to stop crying out for rescue and look for majesty” – Graham Cooke

More Graham Cooke:

Brilliant book house
Our true identity
Fruit of the spirit



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