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A Symphony of Psalms

praiseDo you remember Ian White’s Psalms set to music?

For me it was one of the best things in christian music and enabled me to fall in love and sing the Psalms – and in addition inspired me to write my own songs and Psalms to music.


My own Symphony of Psalms is the result of 20 years writing songs to the Psalms.

However I have a dream: To perform a concert, in a Portsmouth Cathedral, some of these psalms set to music. The style is contemporary but with classical instruments and a full choir.
I am hoping to write incidental music between each song creating a unified whole or symphony.

I’m looking for musicians, singers and ideas. Can you help this dream become a reality? I really believe something happens when the church sings the Psalms.

violinSymphony of Psalms: A concert of songs all based on the Psalms.
Venue: a Portsmouth cathedral

Possible instrumentation: trumpet, flute, violin, cello, piano, drums, male and female choir, electric guitar, bass guitar, guitar.


1. Great is the Lord Psalm 145  (A)

2. He’s watching over you (Psalm 121)  (F#)

3. We will trust in God (Psalm 20) (Bb)

4. How great you are (Psalm 8) (A)

5. The heavens declare (Psalm 19) (G)

6. Under your wings (Psalm 91) (G)

7. Praise the Lord O my soul (Psalm 103) (C)

8. It is good to praise the Lord (Psalm 92)

9. How lovely is your dwelling place (Psalm 84)

10 . Great is your love ( Psalm 86)  B

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Psalm 103 Praise the Lord (song)

Psalm 103 – Praise the Lord O my Soul 

Psalm 103

Paul Noble © 2009 130 Bpm

Praise the Lord, O my Soul
Do not forget all his benefits to you
He forgives all your sins, & he heals all your diseases
Redeems your life from the pit

And he crowns you with compassion
And He crowns you with his love
He satisfies your desire, with good things
So your youth, is renewed, like the eagles


Praise the Lord, O my soul x 4
All my inmost being, praise his holy name. x 2

PSALM 103 Lyrics and chords

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Worship song – I Bow Down

Worship song – I Bow Down … Paul Noble © 2001

I wrote this song in 2001 musing on Simon Peter’s confession to Jesus. Matthew 16:16 “And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  It’s intended as a simple worship song to Jesus that any congregation can sing. If you want to use it in worship, please send me an email via the contact page.


I bow down, I bow down, I bow down before Your throne

I confess You are the son of the living God

I bow down, I bow down, I’m bending low in worship

You are my king, high king of heaven Emanuel


worshipThere is no other God, there is no one like You

No one can compare with Your majesty

There is no higher name in all the heavens and the earth

At the name of Jesus every must bow

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