A purpose focused Church?

As a driver trainer, every lesson I teach has a clear purpose. At least one goal. Never do we drive around aimlessly hoping we are going to learn something on the way. Of course you probably will learn something, just by accident,  but that is not a good lesson.


churchWhat if we had the same attitude when we gathered together as church? That’s what it means to gather in his name. Just meeting together doesn’t make a church. Let’s be honest but frankly often I’m bored with church meetings. Yes, I’ve been in some great meetings but the average meeting is dull. The strange thing is, I’m not bored with Jesus!

Do you feel like that? Often I  go to church because I  know it’s the right thing to do – I am loyal. Now that has some merit but is the end result my inevitable passivity? Are you, what researchers beginning to label, a ‘done’. These are the christians who have done church (often leaders and fervent believers) and are either on the verge of, or who have left, the established churches. Something is not right!

Yeh! Let’s go to church


Ask yourself, be honest. Do you really wake up on a Sunday morning thinking yeh let’s go to church? Now, if you are a leader, then maybe you do but don’t deceive yourself. Is your satisfaction because you have purpose and a role to play? Indeed, you may enjoy preaching but does your audience enjoy listening! That’s why leadership is a serving or coaching role. If someone isn’t being served you aren’t leading! Likewise, as a driver trainer it’s not about me it’s about the pupil, the client.

Have you learnt anything?

So, after your next church meeting, ask yourself the question have I learnt anything? Have I changed? Have I  experienced something new? If not, then ask yourself why not and then think about how you can help bring those changes for the sake of others.

A few more thoughts

A purpose focused church gathers to:

1. ALL worship the Lord Jesus and experience the reality of His presence.
2. ALL learn how to minister to others needs in the power of the Holy Spirit.
3. ALL pray, prophecy, intercede and send or be sent on Gospel missions.
4. ALL learn about the doctrines of the Gospel and how to apply it in real life.

What if?

We gathered as church to do one thing well?
Idea1:  we met just to worship and celebrate communion in a fresh way
Idea2:  we met just to pray for a couple of hours together.
Idea3 : we met just to prophesy and encourage one another for a couple of hours.
Idea4:   …………………….?

As someone said recently: “The issue is not the venue of our meetings but the values in our hearts.  When structure serves the appropriate values then it’s legitimised.”

A driving analogy

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