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Hyper-Grace – well I hope so!

hyper-graceIt amazes me why some attack what they call hyper grace. It’s as if they don’t want God to be that good; they have to put some sort of boundary on it – because then it makes them comfortable. They call it cheap grace or greasy grace but in fact what they are offering is exactly that! How great the fathers love for us, how vast beyond all measure. The prodigal son had a script of repentance worked out with a caveat of works – make me as a hired servant. When he encountered the fathers love though, it was completely forgotten!

Below are a few articles on what teachers like Dr Michael Brown are disparagingly labelling hyper-grace.

What’s all the fuss about hyper-grace?

One of the main issues as far as Dr Brown is concerned is that we believe that all sins including future ones are forgiven!

The forgiveness of all sin (from Forgiven -how do I know)

Does grace and total forgiveness mean that the believer has a license to sin and some suggest? Does it work?

Is grace a license to sin?  (GGW Chapter 2)  Does grace work? (GGW Chapter 1)

Of course, because all sins are not forgiven and the believers relationship relies on daily performance this lends it to the lie that a believe can lose their salvation.

Can a believer lose their salvation?

Essential holiness theology

essentialsNext subject, is that whole thorny issue of holiness:

When the Bible talks about holiness does it really mean sinless? What does that big word to be sanctified mean? Are we really being progressively sanctified? What does it mean to be a saint? All these questions are answered in these essential articles and many of them constitute chapters of my Kindle book: Gods Grace Works every day:

What is holiness?   (GGW Chapter 5)   Raising the bar on holiness       True holiness  (What does holiness look like GGW Chapter 11)

Messing with holiness    Becoming holy? (part 2)

What is legalism?    (GGW Chapter 17)     Perfecting holiness  (GGW Chapter 18)

What you need to know about Hell!

hellNext on the agenda, is to look at the whole subject of Hell. This is probably one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible and unfortunately (if not correctly understood) undermines the character of God  – and therefore the Gospel of Grace. I mean, does God really assign sinners to be tortured in Hell for eternity?

I’ve written a few articles that look at some of the difficult questions:

Why don’t we talk about hell?  – this topic looks at whether men and women are eternally tortured.

A hellish confusion –  this article clearly defines what hell or isn’t in the language of scripture.

Christ descended into hell – the Apostles creed and scripture clearly declare that Jesus descended into Hell and preached to the spirits in prison. What does this mean?

What is the lake of fire? – a clear explanation of what the lake of fire is and isn’t and the good news that it is a temporary place.

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