The woman with the flux of blood.

flux of bloodThe woman with a flux of blood

In the dust, crawling on her hands and knees, a woman forces her way between the legs of the milling and pressing crowd, desperate to get to Jesus. Her illness,  a flux of blood, makes her unclean according to the law. Not only that, but because of constant hemorrhaging, she is so weak that she can only crawl. It took all her strength to get here and it’s been a while since she’s been out in a crowd. In fact, in the last twelve years, the only time she’s ventured out at all, is to visit the doctors. Unfortunately, the cost of all their expensive and ineffective cures, have like her illness, just bled her finances dry!

Today she is desperate. It’s her last chance to receive healing. She has no money and she lives alone. Even the fact that the pastor of her local church (synagogue) – Jairus, is intently speaking with Jesus about some pressing need, she is not put off.  It’s do or die. She’s made up her mind. Even if she has to break all the religious rules in the book, she’s got to get to Jesus because she just can’t go on living like this – she will die anyway so why not trying!

Determinedly, she continues to push through the crowd, ignoring an occasional kick. Miraculously, she manages to breakthrough into a space just behind Jesus. Eagerly, she takes her chance, reaches out and touches the hem of his cloak, convinced that if she does so, she will get healed and no-one will be the wiser!

Immediately, she feels a surge of power like electricity entering her body. Excited, she feels strength filling her body and just knows inside herself that she’s been instantly healed. Then,  just as she is preparing to silently merge back like a phantom into the crowd, she is arrested by a stern and commanding voice: “Who touched me? Power has gone out of me”.  For a moment, the noise of the surrounding crowd reduces to a complete silence and she begins to tremble – afraid that she might be exposed. Of course, she could still silently steal away home but something of the same spirit of faith that got her here, rises up within her and tearfully she rises to her feet and with a quivering but determined voice and says: “I touched you. The doctors could do nothing but today I’m healed of a flux of blood!”

A wonderful smile – rather than the expected rebuke – creeps across the face of the Saviour.  He laughs and says: “Daughter don’t be afraid, your faith has made you well. Go in peace”. Happily, she makes her way home, now feeling so strong that every minute or so she performs a little skip and a dance drawing some curious stares from passers by!

Today it’s the Sabbath and she is sitting in church for the first time in a long time. What a difference in synagogue today from what she remembers in the past. A few new faces, but no interminable arguments about the minuti of the law. No, the congregation is intently listening to Jairus sharing how Jesus raised his little twelve year old girl from the dead.  A few words of Jesus that she had heard him teach float into her mind: “I have come to save the world not judge it and I have come that you might have life and life in abundance.” Yes she thinks, that is what we both experienced. Thank you Jesus!
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