Treating God as real!

writingProphecy – treat me as real!


If you want me to be real to you, then treat me as real. Don’t pretend but by faith speak to me, listen to me, imagine my presence next to you, everywhere you go. Develop and train yourself to be conscious of me every waking moment and watch the miracles happen. I really am you friend and mentor. I never get tired of your questions; I am never too tired or annoyed not to listen and advise. Even when you mess up pretty bad, and there has been a few times lately, do I fold my arms or cover my ears. I know you. I know all your secrets. Isn’t that a relief? I’m here to help.

Your best friend

Struggling to hear God?

Do you struggle hearing God? Do you envy those who seem to know what God is saying to them – or others – at a drop of a hat!

Well, I’m a driving instructor and sometimes I get pupils who just find it really difficult to remember every thing they need to do – and handle a car at the same time! They just panic! To help them, I get them to use a technique called ‘commentary driving’.

This works by describing out loud what they see and what they are going to do next. By verbalising it, it seems to help them concentrate and be more aware –  and certainly stops them panicking!

How does this apply to hearing God? I find that there are two ways you can develop listening to papa. One way – try this first – is just to speak out loud to yourself what you believe God is saying. If you don’t want to be embarrassed make sure no one can overhear you! Begin by asking God a question and then by faith expect God to speak to your spirit (in your mind) and out loud speak what you think God is saying. Treat papa as real. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or talking rubbish because as you speak you will instantly evaluate whether what you spoke was God or not. You are learning to listen.

Similar to this, write down what God is saying. If you persist, sometimes you will be blown away with the accuracy and immediacy of what the Lord has spoken.

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