A grace revolution

I believe 2015 is a year when the Holy Spirit is going to be delivering many of us from living under a mixture of Law and Grace; we are in the midst of at GRACE REVOLUTION – and boy don’t we need it (especially here in the UK) .

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Christ in You – the hope of glory

To help this revolution along in your life, the best place to start is to download Version 1.7 of the Pdf of the eBook ‘Christ in You’ FREE.  (I’m really grateful to Sally Davis MBE for the amazing proof-reading and changes she’s made in this version.. we may even have an Italian translations soon!)

These books are exciting for me, as I believe that God spoke over my life 25 years ago about NOW – prophecy is coming to fulfilment and these books are some of the fruit of this ministry.

“Its just marvellous how he’s going to write, not only songs, but he’s going to write music that, even if it doesn’t sound musical, just the sweetness of heaven will come through. Stories, articles that are written against injustice. Father, he’s a good researcher. When he does his homework he does it very thoroughly. I see him astounding teachers when they tried on him. Good grief! He sounds like [hes at]college when he’s only at high school. So, Father, I thank you there is going to be something that he’s going to be released [into] with his ready writing pen or word-processor, that’s going to burst chains asunder, where people have been illegally treated by legal systems, where oppression has continued in a spirit of hypocrisy. He’s going to be a clear voice that cuts through the crap of this world: the light of Jesus.

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When you’ve finished my first book, maybe you would like to get into some really meaty theology with my second book: The End Of Law . I’m praying this book is a tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit, demolishing arguments and everything that raises up against the knowledge of God, enabling believers everywhere clearly understand the truth that a believer is no longer under law – in any shape or form.

In 2015 may the Grace Revolution begin in your life!

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