Great leaders produce kingdom people – Graham Cooke

I’m reading Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior by Graham Cooke. The chapter entitled Great Leaders Produce Kingdom People is such a brilliant piece of writing and prophetic for the time we are in – I’ve got to share part of it!  I encourage you to get the complete book at

A church that is top-down led- that is not permission giving, – that does not allow the people to dream or encounter God fully for themselves – can never produce a warrior. In truth, people who want more of God are going to leave these inferior houses to seek the Lord and his greatness.

A church that has no concept of or experience in the kingdom is not fighting on the right battlefield. the church is the place of intimate devotion to the King. A place of fellowship, encouragement, dreaming and development. People are equipped and prepared for a life of destiny. They are released to discover their inheritance, to live in favour ant to move out of abundance – not poverty.

People who are developed specifically to serve another man’s ministry can never rise to a place of sonship within that organisation. They will only ever be servants to someones anointing. This type of discipleship arises out of a task-orientated, functional paradigm of Christianity that actually can disengage people from their own dreams and disinherit them from God’s desire for their life. I have lost count of the times when prophecy has been spoken to an individual in this type of environment, and it has resulted in them being fired from their position because apparently they now no longer “fit” the requirements of the leadership.

In a relational paradigm like the Kingdom, our challenge is to produce sons and fathers who are like the Godhead in personality, character, and anointing. God gives dreams and sends prophets to confirm His desires. Leaders, who are also fathers, are intensely interested and involved in the identity, inheritance and destiny of the people that the Lord has committed to their charge. Otherwise, we are merely using people.

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