The Guitar – A Testimony by Carol Winkler

guitarFor those of you who may not know…God is able to do so much more than you think he can do. I have a little story that may encourage you, if you are needing help from God. This one isn’t about healing, although i have received healing from the Lord. This is one about something small, but it is still miraculous.

One time i was asked to sing at a church, and i had to borrow a guitar from a person who attended that church. I didn’t even know the man. He was very gracious, but i really wanted to have my own, and not have to ask others to use theirs.

I had just listened to a preacher, on the radio, say to ask God, specifically, for what we want. I thought about that, and it didn’t go along with what i believed at the time. I thought it was selfish to ask God for anything really good, when it came to material things. As i was sitting there, thinking about what the preacher said, i remembered Mark 11:24. I decided to ask the Lord for what i wanted, and needed, according to that scripture. I said, something like this, “Lord, you know i need a guitar. I don’t want to be greedy, but i am going to ask for something big…that way i can use it as a testimony about how you hear our prayers, and how you care about every little thing in our lives. Here goes Lord…i would like to have a 12 string Alvarez Guitar, in a hard shell case. ( I decided to ask for what i would really like to have, which was one of the nicer guitars at that time.) Then i went on to thank him, ahead of time, and i told him i received it, according to Mark 11:24.

For the next few days, when i would think about the seemingly impossible request, i would just say Mark 11:24 to remind myself of God’s promises.

It was only a short time, before i was invited to sing again. I went to the church, and had to borrow a guitar again, but i had peace, trusting God had heard my prayer. After church, a woman who was a visitor at that church…she had never been there, (she lived many miles away from this town, about an hour and a half trip,  and didn’t know anyone in the church.), came up to me, and said, “I was praying, and the Lord showed me a woman would be singing at this church tonight. He told me to come here, and give you something.” Immediately, i said, ” I know what it is!” She had me follow her out to her car. As she was opening the trunk, i told her what it was, before i saw it…that way she would know she had heard from God too. There it was! A new 12 string Alvarez Guitar, in a hard shell case! It was beautiful! I started crying, but it wasn’t because i got such a nice guitar…it was just so amazing to know that God Almighty, my Father, had heard my prayer. It is something…when you know he hears you, and when you know you hear him. What a wonderful Father!

This is a true story. The woman didn’t know anyone at that church…she didn’t know me. Isn’t God amazing!!!

If you are in need of anything, i pray this testimony will encourage you to go to the Lord, and believe you receive it at the time you ask.  Mark 11:24 Believe he hears you…believe, and receive! The Lord is waiting on you.

He cares about everything in our lives. I am so thankful!!! I have seen him come through, for me, many times for many things…healing, finances, relationships, unsaved loved ones, cars, houses, jobs, etc. I could go on, and on. I am not into the prosperity deal where it’s all about us getting rich, and concentrating on all the material things, but i do believe the Lord wants to prosper us, and he does not want his children living in poverty. I don’t think we should have our minds on wealth…we should have our minds on others needs more than our own. This doesn’t mean we can’t ask the Lord for help. Phillipians 4:19

I will never doubt the fact that the Guitar came from God, and that he heard my prayer.

I will always use this testimony to help others know that God hears us, and answers.

After i got the guitar…it wasn’t long before the Lord put it on my heart to give it to someone. What??? That’s right…that’s how God works. We are his hands extended. Not to worry…God blessed me back with an even better guitar after i gave that one away. It was a beautiful Martin Guitar! You guessed it…it was about two months, and the Lord had me give it to someone. Yep…i got an even better one given to me. This went on for years! Such fun!!!! Isn’t God good! I didn’t have to spend any money on a guitar after this. They just kept coming in, and going out! LOL! True! The fun part was getting to bless someone else with a nice guitar, who had been trusting the Lord for one. There were times i gave, that i didn’t even know for sure that person needed a guitar…but God knew!

Having the Lord sure has given me an exciting life! There is no such thing as boredom for a child of God. If a child of God ever gets bored, all he/she has to do is start focusing on the Lord again, because God has great plans for us, and they are always good, and they will always be exciting!

Do you have to give…to get? Well i had not given away a guitar before i got mine…so i would say no. But, always give when the Lord leads you to. It is so much fun, and you will never come out losing.

This story is for anyone going through anything…anyone needing anything from the Lord.

God is real. He loves us. He hears us. He answers us. Period.

(Mark 11:24…Therefore i say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. 🙂

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