Happy New Year


Happy new year! I believe 2015 is a year when the Holy Spirit is going to be delivering many of us from living under a mixture of Law and Grace. May my second short book: The End Of Law, be a tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit, to enable believers everywhere clearly understand the truth that a believer is no longer under law – in any shape or form.

In 2015 may the Grace Revolution begin in your life!

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Chapter 1-  Introduction

If you want to learn to drive do you go to a Driving Examiner or a Driving Instructor? Likewise, if you want to be holy do you go to the Law of Moses for help, or the Holy Spirit? Now, there is nothing wrong with what Driving Examiners do and the standards they uphold – although they could be a little bit friendlier sometimes! However, their job is not to help you, only to see if you meet the required standard.

Sin is missing the mark. How do we miss that mark? We fall short of the glory or goodness of God. The Law of course is a perfect standard of righteousness; it points out all your faults with absolute accuracy but does nothing to help you become righteous or holy.

Likewise, the UK driving test has to be passed by law and in many ways functions like the Law of Moses – it points out all your faults: major, serious and minor but doesn’t lift a finger to help you! It is totally negative and doesn’t focus at all on what you might have done right. Thus, passing a driving test doesn’t help you learn to drive – it doesn’t produce drivers at all. All it does is prevent bad drivers taking to the roads!

For example: Imagine if you never had a driving lesson and all you had to help you was the driving test form. Would it be possible to drive by just looking and learning from that list of possible faults? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous! Imagine working out how to control the clutch or deal with traffic just looking at a list of faults – impossible! No, what you need is an instructor or a coach who knows HOW to drive – an expert, an example. As believers, that’s exactly what we have – the most patient, gracious, enthusiastic coach – the expert and wonderful Holy Spirit.

My hope and aim therefore, in this short book is to explain clearly why Jesus freed us from the the Law of Moses and I hope my insights as a Driving Instructor have already peaked your interest!

Thanks and a Happy New Year – Paul Noble

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