Don’t tolerate the Jezebel spirit

Jezebel wants to kill you! If you preach grace and especially if you move in the prophetic gifts then you are likely to encounter the ‘Jezebel spirit’. The following teaching is probably the clearest and helpful teaching I’ve heard on this subject being firmly grounded in the word.
Jezebel only has power because we allow or tolerate it. Rev 2:19.  You can be gracious with the person but not with the spirit. Where there is a Jezebel spirit there is an Ahab one!

Its character

Its root is in insecurity and rejection. It is characterised by pride, arrogance, manipulation and control. It comes to steal, kill and destroy. It will steal your peace and joy. It will kill you with sickness and accidents. It will destroy you through depression and fear.

Its affects

The affects of the Jezebel spirit are: fear, isolation, exhaustion, suicide, depression, quitting, sexually impure thoughts, strange or prolonged sickness’s , bizarre and tragic accidents.

Examples in scripture of those who moved in a Jezebel spirit:


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