Teaching driving and life in the spirit

ER1I love the opportunity I have to teach people to drive.  Teaching driving and life in the spirit I’ve found are very similar.

The UK driving test for example of course has to be passed by law and in many ways functions like the Law of God – it points out all your faults: major, serious and minor but doesn’t lift a finger to help you! It is totally negative and doesn’t focus at all on what you might have done right. Therefore, passing a driving test doesn’t help you learn to drive – it doesn’t produce drivers at all. All it does is prevent bad drivers taking to the roads!

The Law of course is a perfect standard of righteousness; it points out all your faults with absolute accuracy but does nothing to help you become righteous or holy.

So what about my role as an instructor how does that relate to the Christian life? Well I believe my role is very similar to the Holy Spirit who wants to lead us into all the truth. My objective is to make my pupil into a good driver able to cope with any situation and danger.

How do I do that? Well initially I may use the dual controls occasionally to stop us colliding with a tree at 30mph and similarly, I think the Holy Spirit rescues us from some of our more drastic mistakes!

Largely though, the teaching is based on relationship and communication: I am not constantly pointing out the pupils’ faults, threatening to leave the car or shouting at them if they don’t change. No, I find ways of remind them of what they are supposed to be doing and give them positive encouragement when they get it wrong. If I see a dangerous situation developing I’m there ready to intervene if needed. I am always there to help and guide.

A prayer of thanks

Thank you Holy Spirit you are in my life.

Thank you for teaching me, lovingly correcting me, protecting me from danger.

Thank you for being so patient and never raising your voice.

Thank you, you are always with me on this journey of life until I arrive safely at heavens gates.

You will never leave me.

The driving test and the law
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