Love never fails

Love never fails

love never failsSong composed and performed by © Paul Noble Sep 2011

Lyrics adapted from1 Corinthians 13

Verse 1

If I speak in the tongue of an angels
I’m only a noisy gong without Your love,
Nothing without Your love
If I have the gift of prophecy
Can fathom every mystery
I’m nothing, still nothing without your love


Love never fails, love never fails,
Love never fails always prevails


If my faith can move a mountain
And I know all there is to know
I am nothing, nothing without Your love
And If I give all I have to the, homeless
Surrender to the flames
I gain nothing, still nothing without Your love


Love is patient, Love is kind, Love rejoices with the truth all the time
Love protects, Love always trusts
Love always hopes, Love perseveres
Love does not envy, Love is not proud
Love is never rude, easily angered
Love does not boast, Love is not self-seeking
Love keeps no re- cord of wrongs

Love Never Fails Lyrics and chords

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