My love for you- prophecy

my love for youSon,

My love for you is not some temporary infatuation. It doesn’t go up or down dependant on your performance. No, its a constant. It always was, always is and always will be. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and plans. Daily, I load you with benefits, protect you from harm, and shower you with kindness.

Jesus my son is the measure of my love for you. He loved you so much that he gave his own life. The cross is the greatest love story there is because I AM relationship. I AM the author of the greatest love story. I AM love: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The devil is the loneliest creature in the universe. He doesn’t understand love at all. He has no capacity to love or receive love. He is an evil spirit. Hell is the only place where love cannot be experienced because those who end up there choose isolation, un-forgiveness, anger and fear. The walls of hell are built by the occupants. Perfect love casts out all fear. Heaven is a place without walls, a city of perfect love, where my love is fully expressed, received and revealed. It is where my presence is fully manifest even though I am everywhere … technically!

are all sins forgivenFaith works by love. It is as you let the Father’s love invade your heart: its extraordinary and marvellous kindness that you are led to repentance – a change of mind. It’s like ice melting under the heat of a hair dryer – who can resist my love? Yes, you can resist because I cannot force you to be loved or to love me. All I do, is love every person: from the foulest murderer in a stinking jail to a nun at prayer in a grand cathedral. This isn’t to say, that my love for you is not special, because obviously family love is special because there is relationship. I desire your love. Know this though, I do not love on a grade – I am incapable of it. My love is UNCONDITIONAL.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 20.00.48Those who don’t choose me, refuse me and won’t even admit that I exist, are like those who have learnt to prefer the cold, the rain and the damp and hate the warming rays of the sun. They won’t even venture outside and tell others that there isn’t a sun in the sky because they can’t see it huddled in front of their TV! My love to them therefore, is like fire and unbearable. Its torture. Know this my son, I don’t send anyone to hell, I never prepared that for humans only the devil and his angels. Sadly, many will go there by choice, willingly. In fact, they lock the door to keep me out of their heart and their world. They choose hell rather than heaven.


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