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New Creation Church


In 2007 God called Fran and I to Gosport and part of that call was to start a gym ( and change lives by strength training and exercise. Recently, Fran and I believe that that the time has come for us to start a Christian church: New Creation Church Gosport  (please like us on Facebook) and believe that our apostolic mission is similar to our natural call: to strengthen believers in the body of christ; to build up not pull down and to reveal the marvellous grace of Jesus Christ not only towards sinners but to saints.

Indeed, for the last couple of years the message of the marvellous of grace of the Lord Jesus called the Gospel has gripped us both and that is why I started our ministry and this blog on my 50th birthday. Now though, I  believe the Holy Spirit desires a practical demonstration of this charisma and grace releasing a fresh wave of church planting and charismatic gifts throughout the body of Christ in the local area and throughout the UK.

We believe revival is in the air and the Lord’s return is near and to that end the first meeting of New Creation Church is on Easter Sunday the 5th at 6:30 PM at Curves Gosport 10 Stokes Way Gosport PO12 1PE, where we will meet to ‘spiritually work out’ under the direction and coaching of the wonderful and amazing Holy Spirit.

So, if you are sick, discouraged, in need of a prophetic word, frustrated, longing for something fresh or just want to help and contribute your spiritual gift or prayers to our gathering, why not come and see what God can do as believers we meet together in Jesus name as we meet for the first time?

In HIS abundant grace

Pastors – Paul and Fran Noble

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