Prophecy – why are you stressed out?


“Stressed” Carol Winkler (c) 2015

Son, why are you so stressed out? Have I not shown you time and time again that I supply ALL your needs, that I care? Yes, the basic proof that I love you is that I care, provide and plan a future for you. You worry about money and your future but as a believer, as my son, you are more secure than any of those that do not believe in me -because you trust me!

Son, think of ways to trust me, to express your faith because it will help YOU! You are stressed because of what you believe and perceive to be the truth and reality. Deep down, you think its up to you provide the answers and fix the problems. My word though, shows you the real truth and proper picture.

I AM the God who provides and supplies; I mean, son, every day I provided for the Israelites in the desert with supernatural mana from heaven. Even the birds of the air find food by my hand so why am I going to forget you? No, I give all things richly to enjoy and all things are granted feely in my son.

Your’e going to be amazed and pleasantly surprised over the next few days how certain things, certain problems work out. If I say I work ALL things to good for those that love me, then start believing it!! Nothing is beyond my care, control and attention. NOTHING. ZERO!

Stop listening to the voice of the accuser who would say you’ve sown here so your going to reap. No Son, you will reap a harvest of righteousness but you are not under law but under grace. Cause and effect don’t work here – that is the root of pagan religion – trying to control the gods and destiny.  I don’t control you; you don’t earn favour; you receive favour. Today, enjoy your free download of peace and joy!

PS Son I love you.


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