I will return


repentanceProdigal Son Song : Lord Where Can I Go. A song I wrote in 1996 based on one of my favourite grace stories in the Bible: the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 and Psalm 131.

Performed by Paul Noble with guest appearance of Sarah Noble

©1996 Paul Noble

I will return

Verse 1

Lord where can I go, where can I hide?

Wherever I am you’re there with me

Sometimes I wish that I could fly, fly like a bird and be all alone


There’s no place in heaven, no place on the earth

Where I can hide from your great love

Whatever I do, whatever I say, whatever happens to me – I can return


Because you love, O you love me

You love me too much to let me go

Because you love me, O Lord you love me

You love me too much to let me go my own way

Verse 2

I am your son, I can’t escape your love

No matter how far I run, You hem me in

I’m weary of my sin, tired of these rags, these empty husks – I must be mad!


My Father has plenty I will return

Plead for his mercy on bended knee

Whatever I’ve done, whatever I deserve, wherever I’ve been – I will return

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