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UnknownWelcome to Gods Grace Works!

So, where do I start? Just to make it easy for you, I’ve sorted out some of my key teachings on Salvation by Grace and Living by Faith.

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  1. 3 Grace Fundamentals       
  2. What is Grace?    
  3. Does grace work?
  4. In Christ 
  5. The best insurance ever! 
  6. God Is At Work         
  7. A Friend Of God
  8. Losing your salvation – an awful thought!


  1. Total Forgiveness    
  2. Is it possible to preach too much grace?
  3. Eternal Salvation
  4. Sinning Wilfully?   
  5. Grace a License to Sin?  
  6. Can you miss the grace of God?
  7. I hate failure
  8. The forgiveness of all sin


  1. Why you need to repent
  2. Repentance – its not what you think  
  3. Repentance the Key to Real Change


  1. What is holiness?
  2. True holiness
  3. What do you do when you sin?
  4. Does the Holy Spirit convict of sin?
  5. Awake to righteousness and do not sin
  6. What is the kingdom of God?
  7. Self-Consciousness
  8. Holiness
  9. What is legalism?
  10. 2 Cor 7:1 – holiness
  11. God is not counting sin
  12. Raising the bar on holiness

The Law:

  1. The Law Our Schoolmaster   
  2. The Shadow Of The Law
  3. The driving test and the law
  4. Above the law (NEW)
  5. What is legalism (NEW)



  1. How do You Run a Good Race?       
  2. Finding Your Destiny in God    
  3. Impossible Situations 
  4. Training for Reigning 
  5. Where you look is where you go

God’s provision:   

  1. God Wants To Restore You
  2. Living in God’s Supply (Part 1)      
  3. Living in God’s Supply (Part 2)    
  4. God How Generous Is He? (Part 3)


  1. Why Cessationism is wrong
  2. Healing Of A Slipped Disc
  3. Teaching Driving And Life In The Spirit
  4. What is prophecy for?
  5. Why don’t we talk about hell?

A few other grace preachers  to get you started:

Paul Ellis – Escape to Reality
Andrew Wommack
Joseph Prince
Phil Drysdale
Andrew Farley

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