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Healing of a Slipped Disc

It is impossible to prove that God exists; it is also impossible to prove he doesn’t. However, for myself there are certain events which indicate that a loving God is in control.

A major event was the healing of my wife Fran’s serious back condition. Fran’s back problem, a bulging disk or slipped disc, began when she was nineteen and the episodes lengthened and increased in frequency – at the peak she was signed off work every six months or so for at least six weeks.


Of course like every one else, she tried every possible avenue of healing available as the doctor was not able to help: the osteopath; the chiropractor; Alexander Technique and the physiotherapist all were tried with varying diagnosis and degrees of relief.

By the time my wife and I met, the problems had now being going on for five years and felt insurmountable. It felt like the condition was permanent; it was now just about learning to cope: she wore a corset; practised Alexander posture technique; had a special work station made for her at work enabling her to stand using a computer.

Then, shortly after we became engaged, the back problems started again with a vengeance. This time however, we decided to search the Bible and see what it said about healing even though the church my wife and I attended didn’t believe in it and taught against it! After searching the Bible though, we were convinced that Jesus could and would heal today. Simply from reading the Gospels it was clear that Jesus never turned anyone away who came to him in simple faith.

So, one Sunday evening, we simply prayed together in agreement for God to heal. Nothing happened immediately and actually the symptoms got worse but three weeks later, shopping in Asda, Fran realised that she had made an awkward move that normally would have been painful. Could the pain have gone? Excited, she experimented and found that nothing created pain. She was healed!

Fortunately that day she had an appointment with the physiotherapist, who had seen here earlier in the week, so she could get a second opinion. He was very surprised as there was no reaction as per normal as he poked around! My wife confessed that she believed she was better and asked him, ” can someone with my condition just suddenly get better”? he said, “no definitely not”. Then, she told him that she had been healed by God. He agreed it was the only possible explanation.

Twenty four years later the healing has proved permanent and since then has had the ultimate test: two children!

If you are reading this and you are suffering – why not contact Fran and I as we would love to help in anyway we can.

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Impossible Situations

The God I read of in my Bible, loves impossible situations. Those times when we are up against the wall. He loves to use unlikely deliverers and the most unusual means – if we will trust him. Yes, he often turns up at last minute but turn up he does if we will just hang on!

Jesus of course, is the perfect representation of the Father in this regard. Look in John 11, how he waits until his friend Lazarus is dead, before he makes the journey to Bethany and raises him to life. Now that’s what I call last minute!

Watch him in Luke 7 as he has compassion on a weeping widow, her only son dead on the funeral bier. He touches that bier, commands the dead man to arise (that’s crazy!) and in a fraction of a second an impossible situation is miraculously reversed!

We would ask, why did God allow these situations in the first place? I mean the widow had probably paid for the funeral! Do you think that thought went through her mind? No way, all she could think of was that her son who was dead was alive!

Picture yourself as one of the disciples at the all day Jesus conference in the desert. There are 5000 hungry and probably irritable people to feed and all you have is five loaves and two fish. One minute we have an impossible lack next minute those fish and loaves are dividing in front of your eyes defying logic and reason. However, full and satisfied bellies and twelve baskets left over, is proof enough that an impossible situation has been miraculously reversed!

Then later on in Acts 16, we have Paul and Silas  imprisoned in a filthy jail for the sake of the  Gospel. It would be easy to imagine the questions they might be asking God: “So God where are you, I thought you led us to this place?”  Remember of course,  they didn’t have the benefit of hindsight like we do! They couldn’t know that their midnight praise would result in an earthquake that would not only set them free but save the whole jailor’s family. For all they knew, they were going spend the rest of their lives rotting in this stinking jail.

So what impossible situation are you facing? Is it your health, a failing business, mounting debts, relationship problems, addictions or even death? God loves to save us through Jesus – that’s what he does best.

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