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Prophetic Music

prophetic musicHere are a couple of pieces of prophetic music:  live improvisations recorded live for Piano.

They are a bit different from my current stuff and maybe influenced by the  French composer Debussy.

Enjoy and I would be interested in your feedback as to what you think the Holy Spirit might be saying to you through them.


Track 1.

Track 2.

Track 3.

Track 4.

Track 5.

Track 6.

Track 7.

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My Piano music

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My Piano Music

A couple of Piano pieces I’ve written and recorded recently:

New piece: Minuet in G


Piano Sonata in Cm ‘Winter

Mountain Top – Piano piece in G major

By the Sea – Piano piece in G minor

Russian  – Piano Sonata in G minor

Jazzy Rondo in C major

More Music


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Revival song (Day of God’s favour )

Day of God’s favour

revivalIn 1994 Charles SlagIe prophesied over me that I would write music that would break the chains of oppression.

In 1996  I wrote this ‘revival’ song but 22 years later (2016) I re-wrote and recorded it feeling that its time was NOW!

Many of have us have been wounded on this journey of grace and the Father’s heart  but I do believe that we are on the cusp of revival here in the UK!

Let this song heal your heart and release joy to your soul! I’ve included Music and Lyrics so you can sing it in your church as a prophetic statement!

High quality version (sound cloud)

Paul Noble copyright 1996 

This is a day, of God’s favour, time of release

When the captives are set free, from their chains

A year of great fruitfulness, time to rejoice

The fields are white to harvest, in our land

A time of revival, is at hand.

Verse 2 

This is a day of God’s favour, time to believe

Warriors of His grace, take a stand

The years of famine are over, time to make war

The fields are white to harvest in our land

A time of revival is at hand


It is a time of healing, a time of war, A time to get right with our God

It is a time to be humble, a time to leap forth

A time to watch and pray to the Lord

A time to watch and pray to the Lord


Arise and shine, time to be free!

God’s singing over you, songs of jubilee

Songs of deliverance, songs of His love

Days of famine are over now!


Time to rejoice

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

Again I say rejoice

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

Shine your light has come!

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Nothing can separate us!

Sign postI hope you enjoy my latest song “Nothing can separate us”  based around a fantastic grace passage of scripture: Romans 8.

Paul Noble © Feb 2012

Nothing can separate us!

No – thing can se- pa rate us from God’s love, in Christ

No- thing can se- pa rate us, from the love, of God

No angel, power or demon, life,  or death

Today or to – morrow. No height or depth

No trou –ble, per – se – cu tion,    hard- ship or sword       

No we are more than conquer –ers through Christ who loves us


If God is for us,  who can be a-gainst us?

God is for us.   He gave us his on-ly son?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

God is for us. He freely gives us all things –   in Christ

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The Angels Bow Down – song

Angels Bow Down © Paul Noble Jan 2010

angelsThe angels bow down, the saints cast their crowns

Be- fore the throne, before the king

A shout goes up, of loud adoring praise

Worthy is the lamb that was slain


Holy is the Lord,  Worthy is the lamb

Holy is the Lord

To receive honour, to receive power, to receive glory

To receive honour, to receive power, to receive glory

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United as one – song

united as oneUnited as one. A song inspired by some lyrics by Sean Withinshaw.

I would love some positive feedback. Tell me what you think!

Music Paul Noble (c) 2014 Lyrics Paul Noble and Sean Withinshaw

United As One Chords and Lyrics.  Please contact and ask for permission if performing publicly – thanks


It’s time for us, the church to move

And see the strongholds, tumble down

The time has come, to stand as one

Let the people, of God, rise up


United as one, united as one

Let the army of God, rise up

United as one, united as one

May the Spirit, and the bride, say come!


It’s time for us, old and young

Preach good news, to the ends of the earth

The time has come, arise and shine

Let the bride of the lamb, rise up


It’t time for us, weak and strong

Love the poor, heal broken lives

The time has come, hear the trumpet sound

Let the dead in Christ arise


Heaven’s rain, pouring down     Breaking chains, of poverty

Reviving, refreshing tired hearts   We will see the devils flee!

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Psalm 121- he’s watching over you

He’s Watching Over You 

Based on Psalm 121 Paul Noble Nov © 2012

Verse 1

I lift my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, creator of heaven and earth

The Lord is my protector, behind a covering shade

My feet will never miss a step, he guards me night and day

He guards me when I leave my home            

He guards when I return

He watches over me forever and ever, from this time and always


He’s watching over you, He’s watching over me

He’s watching over you, he never slumbers or sleeps

He’s watching over you, He’s watching over me         

He’s watching over you, every hour every day

Verse 2

Lift Your eyes to the mountains, where does Your help come from?

Your help comes from the Lord,   Creator of heaven and earth                           

He shields you from the sun and moon, he keeps you safe from harm

The Lord will keep you in all your ways, he will never let you fall

He guards you when you leave you home              

He guards when you return

He watches over you forever and ever, from this time and always

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