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Prophecy – a fresh adventure in 2015

can a believer lose their salvationIt’s time for new things a fresh adventure. In this season of change look for the opportunities and walk through the door of hope. Don’t look at the obstacles the past failures but look forwards not back. Leave past regrets where they belong – behind you. Do not be afraid. Trust. Behold I make ALL things New – even those things that seem to be beyond renovation or renewal.

I AM the resurrection and the life.  I AM the prince of peace so even where there has been war, conflict and anxiety I can bring a new era of tranquility.

It’s time to let go and enjoy a new sense of adventure in the spirit, to take risks, to step out of the boat again. I know it’s tempting as you get older to settle down and be comfortable but I want you to renew your mind and be young at heart. A Caleb willing to take on mountains and giants because I will be with you in every endeavour. I love faith and I love it when you put me to the test and trust me 100%. New ideas and thoughts are coming. Fresh vision. Fresh bread.

Planting a New Grace Church!  – our fresh adventure.

shadowcrossSince 2009 we have had a vision to plant a grace church in Gosport. Recently we have been feeling it’s time and to that end a few of us having been praying at our business address www.curvesgosport.com for a couple of months on a wednesday night at 8:00 PM.

The church is called New Creation Church Gosport

We aim to start meeting at Curves Gosport on a Sunday evening 6:30 PM from the 5th April Easter Weekend 2015.

Please feel welcome to come and support us!

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