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Christians are not under law – Phil Drysdale

I highly recommend this video by Phil Drysdale explaining clearly why Christians are not under law. He answer questions such as:

What is the role of the law in the New Covenant?
Is it for Christians today?
What do the NT Authors have to say?
What about the OT?
What did Jesus have to say about it?
How does 70AD relate to the Old and New Covenant?
What about the greatest commandment?
Which laws have passed away?

For more resources by Phil on this subject see:

37 scriptures on why christians are not under law

Further reading:

The driving test and the law
True holiness
The shadow of the law

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Phil Drysdale – New Pod Cast

In this post I just want to recommend this first podcast from my friend Phil Drysdale:

“Having Grace For Those Under the Law”. 

You can listen to it on his website http://www.phildrysdale.com/2013/10/001-having-grace-for-those-under-the-law-podcast/

or,  subscribe at:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phil-drysdale-ministries/id653539072

It currently ranks at 9 on iTunes – Joseph Prince is 8!

Have a look at his website also – some great grace resources to get this grace working in your life!


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