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Prophecy – a fresh adventure in 2015

can a believer lose their salvationIt’s time for new things a fresh adventure. In this season of change look for the opportunities and walk through the door of hope. Don’t look at the obstacles the past failures but look forwards not back. Leave past regrets where they belong – behind you. Do not be afraid. Trust. Behold I make ALL things New – even those things that seem to be beyond renovation or renewal.

I AM the resurrection and the life.  I AM the prince of peace so even where there has been war, conflict and anxiety I can bring a new era of tranquility.

It’s time to let go and enjoy a new sense of adventure in the spirit, to take risks, to step out of the boat again. I know it’s tempting as you get older to settle down and be comfortable but I want you to renew your mind and be young at heart. A Caleb willing to take on mountains and giants because I will be with you in every endeavour. I love faith and I love it when you put me to the test and trust me 100%. New ideas and thoughts are coming. Fresh vision. Fresh bread.

Planting a New Grace Church!  – our fresh adventure.

shadowcrossSince 2009 we have had a vision to plant a grace church in Gosport. Recently we have been feeling it’s time and to that end a few of us having been praying at our business address www.curvesgosport.com for a couple of months on a wednesday night at 8:00 PM.

The church is called New Creation Church Gosport

We aim to start meeting at Curves Gosport on a Sunday evening 6:30 PM from the 5th April Easter Weekend 2015.

Please feel welcome to come and support us!

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Living under law or grace – prophecy

under law

Under Law or Grace? Illustration by Carol Winkler (c) 2015

Romans 6:1 4 “For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.”

Dear Son,

How do you know whether you are living under the law or under grace? If you are constantly stressed, tired, irritable, fearful, worried and anxious then maybe you are living life not to the full – but by your own strength?

Those who live after the flesh think they are strong enough to overcome and to win by their own clever design and thinking. They rely on their education, natural talents and abilities. However, the just live by their faith!

Therefore, I am determined to bring you to the end of yourself, not because I hate you but because I love you. I discipline and train those I love. I want you live in the strength of Christ not your own strength. You live by faith and that by the faith of the son of God. Jesus was crucified in weakness but it was at the cross that my power was revealed. I want to you show you that rest is not inactivity, it is living by new principles and a legislation that is counter-intuitive.

Therefore, walking by the spirit is not anarchy, it is living by a different set of principles that only work in this new environment of grace. Law and grace don’t mix – grace supersedes law. You know this in the computer world: when you upgrade your operating system you can’t go back to the old system. It is obsolete; it has been replaced!

Living by law is like riding a bike with training wheels! Take off those training wheels, cast out the slave women and enjoy the freedom of grace!

Gideon learnt this: trim your army down, increase the odds in the favour of the enemy. Attack with crazy weapons: a lamp and a trumpet – ridiculous but powerful!

Walking by the spirit therefore,  is obeying my voice and command. Jonah walked in the flesh. I said go to Nineveh he went to Tarshish! He didn’t like my grace towards those people not realising that I didn’t choose Israel because they were any better than the nations around them – I chose them by the election of grace! If Jonah had listened, he wouldn’t have had to learn the hard way that walking in the flesh doesn’t pay! Well it does, but only in pain, suffering and a near death experience in a large fish!

The children of Israel learnt this when they took Jericho. Did they do it by their excellent warfare and engineering skills? Did I tell them to build siege engines and catapults? No, I told them to walk in silence around the city for seven days. That was how that stronghold was taken. Likewise, I am teaching you that the weapons of your warfare are not carnal for the pulling down of strongholds. Take hold of my promises. Take hold of eternal life.

Look at Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.  He was a man who came under the law and fulfilled it completely for you so that you didn’t have to come under its heavy load. He set you free from the law and that means that you are not living by rules, methods and great planning but by listening and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. Look at how Philip could be directed to start a revival and save hundreds, or just find and save one man in the middle of a desert!  If you learn this, you will find that suddenly there will be such divine acceleration that you will arrive at your destination immediately!

Peter had to learn to crucify his flesh and renew his thinking. I offended his cultural norms and years of his education and expertise regards fishing! He learnt that miracles mean that fish can be caught in unexpected places and the money to pay taxes found inside a fish!

Living by the spirit is learning to live a life of miracles. That is because I am a living God that means I am active; I am working. My word is living and active. I never want it to be dead on the page. I want the miracles you read in the scriptures pages to active in your life. So, do I perform miracles in your life by you following rules and methods,  fighting sin in your own strength and being a perfect christian –  or by the hearing of faith?

Therefore, all of this flows out of our relationship. When you listen, hear and obey then you will see what is impossible become possible.

Love Father

The shadow of the law

The law our schoolmaster

Why are you stressed out – prophecy


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Prophecy – why are you stressed out?


“Stressed” Carol Winkler (c) 2015

Son, why are you so stressed out? Have I not shown you time and time again that I supply ALL your needs, that I care? Yes, the basic proof that I love you is that I care, provide and plan a future for you. You worry about money and your future but as a believer, as my son, you are more secure than any of those that do not believe in me -because you trust me!

Son, think of ways to trust me, to express your faith because it will help YOU! You are stressed because of what you believe and perceive to be the truth and reality. Deep down, you think its up to you provide the answers and fix the problems. My word though, shows you the real truth and proper picture.

I AM the God who provides and supplies; I mean, son, every day I provided for the Israelites in the desert with supernatural mana from heaven. Even the birds of the air find food by my hand so why am I going to forget you? No, I give all things richly to enjoy and all things are granted feely in my son.

Your’e going to be amazed and pleasantly surprised over the next few days how certain things, certain problems work out. If I say I work ALL things to good for those that love me, then start believing it!! Nothing is beyond my care, control and attention. NOTHING. ZERO!

Stop listening to the voice of the accuser who would say you’ve sown here so your going to reap. No Son, you will reap a harvest of righteousness but you are not under law but under grace. Cause and effect don’t work here – that is the root of pagan religion – trying to control the gods and destiny.  I don’t control you; you don’t earn favour; you receive favour. Today, enjoy your free download of peace and joy!

PS Son I love you.


My love for you – prophecy

The art of celebration – prophecy

Prophecy – poverty mentality

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Daily – prophecy

Feeding of the 5000Son,

Daily I load you with benefits. Look out for the positives today – expect them. Be in an attitude of faith, of receiving. Open your eyes and look! As you received the Lord walk in him. Don’t expect evil and bad things, expect good and even in the very presence of your enemies I will spread a feast! So, even if there are negatives, problems and struggles, I promise  to turn even those things to good. Learn to receive my wisdom for today. What you need son, is not a TO DO list but a TO BELIEVE list!

Beloved Son, It is very important to learn to be in this attitude of receiving because that is how you learn to trust me, as you pray: “give us this day our daily bread”, not tomorrow’s supply or next weeks, but TODAY’s supply. NOW is the accepted time, TODAY is the day of salvation.

So remember son, daily I renew your strength. Live in heavenly rhythms, learn to rest and celebrate, to be restored daily. Every day is a brand new day. Don’t worry about tomorrow or dwell on yesterday. Learn to live in the present, to enjoy the fact that you are accepted in the beloved NOW and FOREVER and that you ARE righteous before me – justified, standing in grace. There is therefore NOW, TODAY, NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus!

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow and what you are going to eat or wear. Your Father in heaven knows that you need those things and will supply all your needs according to his riches. I supplied manna, daily bread to the children of Israel for 40 years without fail. Not once did I withdraw my supply. My supply did not depend on their works and performance, all they had to do was collect and receive. So likewise, I want you to enjoy the waves of grace and favour that are coming your way daily. I want to rock your world with goodness! It is only my goodness that changes your mind! Enjoy!

PS When the demand exceeds the supply, when what is required of you is beyond your ability then of course you will feel stressed and distressed and maybe even depressed. Learn to rest and receive my grace in those times, not to lean on your own strength and  understanding. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Much love, Father

Living in God’ supply

Poverty mentality – prophecy 

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The art of celebration – prophecy

the art of celebrationI AM a happy God. There is no one as happy and as joyful as me. I AM never depressed, full of anger or frustration. In fact, I AM the most exuberant person you can ever meet. Every day, I rejoice over you with dancing, music  and singing. I love smiling. I love a good joke. Laughter is holy. Even science will tell you of its healing power. Man was created for laughter, for enjoyment for celebration. Heaven is the happiest place and I am preparing you to fit in! My aim is to make you one of the happiest people on earth. That is holiness. Seriousness is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit – JOY is! The fruit of the spirit is JOY. My realm, the kingdom of God is full of righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit!

On the other hand, the devil is the most miserable creature in the universe and his mission is to bring everyone down to his level. He never has a joyful thought. He is totally miserable. That is how you know that much of religion is from the evil one because it has no joy in it! How do you know when I’m speaking? When you sense the acceptance and joy because my yoke is never heavy my burden is always light. Jesus endured the cross because of the joy set before him. Yes, life is difficult and dangerous and sometimes very painful but in those times I cry with you, I comfort you with joy. Paul and Silas learnt to praise me in the prison and an earthquake of freedom and salvation burst forth! That didn’t mean that it wasn’t hard but they rejoiced in me. They had learnt the art of celebration.

I invented the party! At the creation of the earth the sons of God sang for joy! Imagine the joy when someone is born again – a new creation. The angels celebrate. I AM longing for the prodigals to come home because my celebration is ready, the fatted calf is cooking, smell the flavour! Taste and see that I am good. You are invited to the banquet. Don’t be a party pooper. Don’t be like the older son who was offended when he heard the music and the dancing! I want to teach you to dance!

Love Father

My love for you – prophecy

The practice of rest – prophecy



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Training in favour

Training in favour – prophecy

Ephesians 1:6  “To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted (highly favoured) in the beloved”

Luke 1:28 ” And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou art highly favoured (accepted), the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou amongst women”

Prophecy (Paul Noble)

My children,

Guess what? I am training you in favour! I am teaching you to understand the extent of what it means to be highly favoured in the beloved. I want you to believe, (really believe), truly believe and experience this truth. So, know that every circumstance, EVERY circumstance, every situation is an opportunity to learn, enjoy and experience my favour.


Training in Favour – Graham Cooke

Prayer (by Graham Cooke)

“I am blessed with the unparalleled, unmerited favour of the Lord towards me. Favour is a shield around me. I am growing in favour with God and man.  I am favoured everywhere I go: at home, in the workplace, in my church, in my relationships and in my walk with God. I am favoured in all that I do. Doors of opportunity are opening for me. Blessings are attracted to me. Increase upon increase will flow towards me. I proclaim that I am training for reigning. My favour trains me to receive and develop, the life that God has set aside for me in Christ. Nothing shall prevent me from completing my training in favour. I joyfully give myself wholehearted to become a person of favour in the Holy Spirit  – Amen”

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What is prophecy for?

the purpose of prophecyWhat is prophecy for? Is the gift of prophecy an evangelistic tool? Are there national prophets speaking to a nation? Is it to convict people of sin? Are there prophets like in the OT prophesying God’s judgement on the nations? Now we are under grace has that changed the function of prophecy and the prophet?

Firstly, I believe that if we confuse the purpose of the gift we will devalue it. It’s a bit like being given a trowel for digging but instead we use it to hammer nails!

A NT Prophet’s role?

“For the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ?” Ephesians 4 11

A true prophet equips, in other words he gives the saints tools and even gifts to enable them to fulfill their calling to ministry:

1 Tim 5: “Do not neglect the gift that is in you that was given by prophecy with the laying on of hands”  

In other words, the prophecy or prophet edifies or builds up and strengthens the body of Christ by words.

What is prophecy for?

Therefore, the gift of prophesy is to build up the church. It is not for self-edification unlike tongues. Therefore a prophet should should bring profit! Prophecy should enable everyone to learn because it brings relevant and encouraging information.

“He who prophesies edifies the church” 1 Cor 14:4

“But the manifestation of the spirit is given to each one for the profit of all” Rom 12

“For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged” 1 Cor 14 v 31

This is what Moses longed for when he said in Num 11:29: “would God that all the LORD’S people were prophetsand that the LORD would put his spirit upon them!”

Prophecy therefore, is not just the domain of pastors or leaders but is for every member of the church! This is a major change from the OT and is what Peter declared on the day of Pentecost as a fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy.

So, to further emphasize the point: prophecy is for edification, exhortation and comfort. (EEC)

“ But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men”

What about Agabus and other NT prophets?

Not much is recorded of NT prophets in action, except a mention in Acts that there were prophets at Antioch. Also, it talks of Judas and Silas being prophets and that they exhorted and confirmed the brethren with many words. This obviously wasn’t teaching because when it mentions teachers in Antioch it mentions prophets .

Agabus is acknowledged by the scriptures as a NT prophet. Both records of his prophetic words are warnings. The first,  a warning of global famine enabled the church to prepare in a practical way. The second, recorded in Acts 21, warned Paul of what awaited him at Jerusalem. So, how does that fit into EEC? EEC is not a rule it’s a statement of what comes out of a prophets mouth: in other words positive stuff, words from God that could be directional and correctional but always expressing the love and grace of God. That’s how you test the prophecy and the prophet!

I believe both prophetic words fit in with NT style prophetic words. The prophetic warning of Agabus  didn’t dissuade Paul –  it actually confirmed what Paul already knew and interesting enough Agabus word wasn’t 100% accurate because the Jews didn’t bind Paul and hand him to the Romans!

So, here is an important distinction between OT and NT prophets. Under law prophets were not allowed to get it wrong, under grace we can! Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13 we know in part and we prophesy in part and as we quoted earlier – all may learn. Of course this doesn’t mean that accuracy doesn’t matter – of course we should want to bring God’s word responsibly and accurately as we can. However it takes the pressure off, because its the responsibility of all those listening to exercise discernment and grace.

Therefore, John the Baptist was the last of the Old Testament prophets. Jesus was the greatest and first of New Covenant prophets. He came to reveal the heart of the Father.

Rev 19:10 “worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

Is Prophecy for the unbeliever?

Prophecy is not primarily an evangelistic tool. A prophet may have words of knowledge (Jesus at the well of Samaria) that bring conviction to the sinner, but scripture says that the gift of prophecy is for believers:

Prophesying is not for unbelievers but for those who believe”. 1 Cor 14

In the same scripture it talks about conviction coming to an unbeliever when he comes in to the meeting while they are prophesying but that meeting is not evangelistic. In other words God is not restricted to speak to whom and through whom he wishes!


I conclude therefore, we need prophecy and all kinds of prophets in the church today especially those who can build up, exhort, comfort, inspire and challenge and even warn the church. Are you one of them?

Paul said in 1 Cor 14:39 “Wherefore, brethren, covet (lust) to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues.”

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