The Enterprise – 6 Month Review!

enterpriseIts six months since we started Gods Grace Works in August 2013.
Its time for a review. How has this ‘Enterprise’ been going? How far have we come? Well, we haven’t quite reached the stars yet or achieved warp speed but the growth is quite encouraging and steady:

When we began, in August 2013 we had 140 views. In January 2014 it has increased to 432 views. In total, since August, we have had over 1600 views from all over planet earth!

Why did we start this blog? We started this enterprise because we believe that many of us, rather like the Star Trek Enterprise, are travelling to the stars (or in our case heaven) on impulse engines at 0.5 warp. In other words –  getting there slowly!  There is another way! We believe, that a revelation of the excessive, unbelievable, excessive , over the top and hyper-grace, is what the Gospel is really about and is like a hyper-drive enabling us to travel at light speed: If you really understand grace, it has more power to transform and teach you  in 5 minutes, than 5 years of most of the “churchianity” most of us have been practicing and experiencing! This is what this blog is about.

So, thank you to all our readers so far and a special thank you to all those who have donated and subscribed to the blog. If this blog has helped you in any way please encourage us and let us know!

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