To tithe or not to tithe?

titheThis is a controversial topic for many christians (especially pastors who depend on it in some cases)  but I want to look at the doctrine of tithing. Please don’t stone me as I believe this is what the Holy Spirit taught me:

Why give?

I think I read recently that about 10% of christians tithe to the church. (Ironic as tithe means 10%!) Could this low number be because tithing is not actually a grace doctrine? People say, well Abraham tithed and he wasn’t under Law. Please apply that interpretation consistently: I hope you get circumcised this Sunday! Ouch! 

Your blessed!

Again, people say: “if your don’t tithe then God won’t bless you!” Wrong, you are already blessed. (Ephesians 1:3). If you feel that you are not experiencing blessing however, then start operating in faith because that’s how every blessing in the Bible is received.

Anyway, if you want to teach on giving, the church, charities and such like, do need resourcing. They need your help. God doesn’t need you to give; not to him (He has no need of money) – the church and ministries do! You are blessing the saints! (2 Corinthians 9:1) By the way, there is no difference in the New Covenant between tithes and offerings!

Its good to give!

In fact, this is the scripture to preach from if you want to encourage giving in the church because it clearly shows that giving is a grace gift – its good to give! We have received abundantly so let’s give abundantly. That’s the first principle. That’s our motivation.

2 Corinthians 9:15 “Thanks be to God of His indescribable gift”


Secondly, there is a link between our prosperity and our generosity. If you want to stay poor because your mean like scrooge – go ahead; It doesn’t take any faith to stay there!

2 Corinthians 9:6 “He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully”

You decide

Thirdly, the amount you give is what YOU decide: 2 Corinthians 9:7 “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver”

Therefore, if you want to give a tithe (10%) then great! However the principle is that under grace you decide and it must be done with joy – else you might as well not bother! If like me, your in business, then your income may vary each week; it may even be quite difficult to work it out anyway, so giving under this kind of grace freedom is a blessing.

Gods Grace Works BookIn addition, God does want us to be prosperous. If we’re not, how are churches and ministries going to survive? Money is important.

2 Corinthian 9: 8 “An God is able to make all grace abound towards you, that you always having all sufficiency in all things may have abundance FOR every good work”

Stop saying sorry!

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2 thoughts on “To tithe or not to tithe?

  1. Milton Goh

    Hi Paul, I agree that that under the new covenant of grace, we have the freedom to decide whether we want to give, and also how much we want to give.

    We decide how prosperous we want to be by the measure that we give into God’s kingdom!

    I pray that all believers get this revelation of the power of giving, because it will radically change their lives for the better!

  2. Anne-Marie Porter

    I’m in agreement for revival. I’ve been shown a revelation from God. Jesus put his broken body on the showbread table in the Holy of Hollies. He was one of the twelve showbread. Of the tribe of Jesse. His body fulfilled the law – the tithe. God promised to open the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing that there would not be room enough to receive it. He also promised to rebuke the devourer.

    Scholars have not been able to work out the significance of the showbread. They have been able to work out that showbread represents God’s presence.

    I’ve been listening to a Dr Bill Winston on the blessing. He says the the whole of creation is waiting for the sons of righteousness to arise. I’m starting to burst with the realisation that we’re supposed to be so blessed. That the Angel of the Lord – Jesus is our breakthrough Angel.

    Grace is too hard for our brains to comprehend. We want to do something to earn the blessing.

    The Holy Spirit is the blessing that’s been poured out. We reject. We dishonour him. We make tithe money more of a focus than Him.

    As you teach and know – this world needs revival. We need a second Pentecost. I tithed from my first pay. Also gave an offering. I was Catholic. I was the president of the Christian Union at James Cook Uni in Townsville. One of the lecturers was baptist and came and taught on tithing at a lunchtime meeting and – so I followed.

    I had an experience at church one Sunday after the service 14 years ago. My husband had been witnessing salvation to a lady for years and this Sunday she committed. The joy of salvation was all over her from ear to ear. I’d been working in Children’s Church and raced up and asked my husband if he’d remembered to put the tithe in. He motioned for me to hush. She asked and I told her and then I witnessed one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. The joy of salvation slide off someone’s face and onto the floor.

    When I got home I asked God what I saw and He shouted at me. I’ve been wanting you to listen – I’m not into tithing. I was in shock. I said well you’ll have to proof it to me. Without saying a word to anyone that week my brother rings up very excited. He was studying at Tabor Seminary in Adelaide (where the last great Australian revival took place) and they had just done a unit on giving and they don’t believe in tithing. I asked him to send the teaching and he did. It took me years – five – to un brain wash. I’m glad I did. The first thing I asked after hearing God’s voice on not tithing was what do I give instead? The church needs support and I strongly believe in systemic giving.

    He told me an amount slightly higher than I was already giving. Through another God set up He lead me to First Fruit giving. I was being sexually harassed at work by my boss. It had me in a real mess. As I walked into church the Lord said if you give this much today I’ll deal with your work situation. I said that sounds like rebuking the devourer around tithing. What are you a hit man? A visiting minister was teaching on First Fruits and how they link back to the blessing of Abraham and that when we activate them the Angel of the Lord brings our enemies up before our faces that we can defeat them. Long story short it worked amazingly. My boss got re-de-employed to a low paying job and I got transferred to a school as a primary art teacher – my dream job. It was a process.

    I’ve studied it out. There is nothing unbiblical. Proverbs is not law but wisdom. Giving of our first (our tithe but not necessarily 10% but what you decide in your heart) and of our financial substance (offering) comes with a promise. Our barns are filled with plenty and our vats overflow with new wine.

    People don’t need to hear that God’s angry with them and that they’re cursed. It’s a lie. He was angry at the Levite priests because the showbread, that was a type and shadow of Jesus’s body was in jeopardy but even with this warning He prophesied of the promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out.

    Dr Kelly did his PhD on tithing.

    And shows that tithing first came to America in 1873 when an essay competition was run on ideas to finance churches after the government removed financial support from churches. A Mr Pratt and a Mr Hogshead came up with the leap in doctrine writing an essay titled, “Will a Man Rob God.”

    The study also shows all of the fine men and women of God who never endorsed the tithe – interestingly a lot of evangelists.

    I think that it is interesting that Mal 3:11 is camped around. Here is the promise of the windows of heaven being opened and the Holy Spirit being poured out. Now sadly people have been indoctrinated that God is cursing them because they don’t tithe. It really is evil.

    Try to take the tithe away from certain ministers and they will use all of their Pentecostal witchcraft to kill you and those you love. I’ve experienced that.

    When will the madness end. I have a fire caught up in my bones. I have learnt not to argue against tithing. Arguing and competition or strife simple brings confusion and every evil thing.

    I want REVIVAL. We need the oppression that the church is under broken through by Jesus. We should be a shining light. So blessed that the whole of creation stops groaning. Dr Bill Winston says that the blessing on Adam and Eve given in the garden is what the whole of creation is waiting for. For the Sons of Righteousness to arise and populate and bless the whole of creation. Jesus became the second Adam but we haven’t received the blessing of the Holy Spirit fully.

    The doctrine of the Holy Spirit not wanting to draw attention to Himself is another false teaching. Study that one out and it simple means He’s the guarantee that Jesus was the Son of God. That is testifies to everything that Jesus purchased with His body and blood.

    God’s shown me that the tithe will be forcibly removed from the church soon. It’s already starting with people going bankrupt and successfully suing churches in America for the tithes given.

    I want God’s people wealthy. I want the church to be healthy, wealthy and wise. I want the world to look at us and want to join us. We need the oppression to be fought by the Angel of the Lord – Jesus. I want people to know and be secure in Father’s love and blessing – not thinking that’s He’s angry at them and cursing them.

    Jesus paid so much – a price we’ll never fathom. I certainly don’t want to steal from Him what He earned. I don’t want to insult and dishonour the Holy Spirit. I don’t wish to ignore such a precious gift.

    I’m frustrated. God showed me this revelation. The church knows due to Bob Jones appearing after he’d died that the blessing is the way to the billion soul harvest but the ministers can’t really get it because of the doctrine of demons camped around the tithe. Greed around money.

    I was claiming a promise. “I have a sure wage – both permanent and satisfying.” and I received it. God’s people have been taught to tithe. The promise of a blessing being poured out that there’s not room enough, in their eyes hasn’t come. It’s like the great white elephant in the church. People believe now that God’s a liar. That’s He’s mean and that He curses them. Not good news.

    Some preaches get rich, live off the tithe while the people are still poor. It’s so unjust.

    Give of your first and of your financial substance. Works. I’ve proven it. Not only that it causes Jesus to breakthrough adversity.

    Grace works.

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