Unblocking the wells of revival

unblockingYesterday, I spent some time unblocking my bath drain.  At first, I tried force: using a plunger to try and shift the blockage. Unfortunately that only made matters worse and instead of only a trickle of water draining away – it became completely blocked!

Looking online, I decided to try soda crystals and vinegar but when that didn’t work, I took a trip to Tesco and bought some purpose drain un-blocker containing some pretty potent and dangerous chemicals  – and poured that down plug hole. The results weren’t instantaneous but after repeating with some more soda crystals and boiling water to boot, eventually the bath unblocked and the water flowed freely again!

Why am I telling you this? I believe this is a pretty potent picture of what the Lord is doing in our lives and churches at the moment (if we would let him). In Genesis 26 the Philistines kept bunging up the wells that Isaac dug with rubbish in order to stop and contaminate the water supply. Isaac kept re-digging the wells his Father Abraham and third time lucky (just like my bath), unplugged one called Rehoboth – which means a wide place.

Similarly as the people of God, we are bombarded by the  negative ideas and  culture  from the world around us – even church culture that is quite honestly just “stinking thinking”! Often, we imbibe this rubbish through the media and internet and wonder why the Holy Spirit isn’t flowing in our lives!

I believe, the Lord is saying: “ I want to unblock the wells of revival – both individually and corporately in the churches”. This will take some pretty potent ‘medicine’ but it will work – a spiritual detox!


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