United as one – song

united as oneUnited as one. A song inspired by some lyrics by Sean Withinshaw.

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Music Paul Noble (c) 2014 Lyrics Paul Noble and Sean Withinshaw

United As One Chords and Lyrics.  Please contact and ask for permission if performing publicly – thanks


It’s time for us, the church to move

And see the strongholds, tumble down

The time has come, to stand as one

Let the people, of God, rise up


United as one, united as one

Let the army of God, rise up

United as one, united as one

May the Spirit, and the bride, say come!


It’s time for us, old and young

Preach good news, to the ends of the earth

The time has come, arise and shine

Let the bride of the lamb, rise up


It’t time for us, weak and strong

Love the poor, heal broken lives

The time has come, hear the trumpet sound

Let the dead in Christ arise


Heaven’s rain, pouring down     Breaking chains, of poverty

Reviving, refreshing tired hearts   We will see the devils flee!

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